Panoramic lifts/capsule lift

Largely used in shopping malls, luxury hotels and other modern buildings, our extensive range of Panoramic Lifts or capsule lifts are designed using transparent materials to provide a clear outside view to the passengers on the lift. In addition to offering the best visual pleasure, we also take into consideration the safety of the lift and make sure to use only infrangible and safety glass while building the lifts. At Premier Lifts we offer both standard and customised designs of lifts that are available in one side, three side, five side and circular panels.

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Panoramic Lifts are one of the prestigious types of Elevators that are designed to add an architectural highlight to buildings. They can be located in shopping malls, hotels, business centres, and more. The main highlight of adding a panoramic elevator is to make the surroundings more scenic, stylish and give the building a visual depth. These lifts are considered extremely attractive and male the passengers admire not only the interior but also make them imbibe and capture the exterior beauty from a certain height. Having a Panoramic Lifts provides a sense of comfort for the passengers and increases the ridership and customer retention frequency.