Freight elevators/Industrial Elevators

Providing the best qualitative range of freight Elevators (goods lift) for use in high rise factories, industries, shopping centres, warehouses, etc. We at Premier Lifts manufacture freight Elevators that are corrosion resistant and fire hazard resistant to prevent the accidental loss of people and goods. From reciprocating freights which can lift up to 2000kgs to Roped freight lift which has a carrying capacity of up to 10000 kgs, we manufacture all types of Freights as per the client's needs and specifications. When designing the freight Elevators, we largely focus on their carrying capacity and safety the most.

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Freight Elevators are classified as commercial Elevators that facilitate the vertical movement of various loans and have been incorporated into various industries like production, construction, warehouses, shopping centres, showrooms and more. They help with the movement of heavy materials like furniture, vehicles, building materials, equipment, machines, etc. These types of Elevators are used widely for their reliability, functionality, ease of maintenance and affordability.

Some of the parameters for selection a perfect Freight Elevators are

  • It's carrying capacity
  • Height of hoisting
  • Overall dimension of the cabin or platform
  • Operating conditions whether indoor or outdoor
  • Number of floors
  • Intensity of the freight work