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“PREMIER LIFTS” is one of the pioneer in elevator and lift manufactures in Chennai.

PREMIER LIFTS has been promoted by C.RAMAKRISHNAN whose qualifications include MBA, AMIE in Electrical Engineering and D.E.E.E. The promoter has rich working experience of more than 25 years in the technical field of elevator products. His experience includes

  • Design
  • Material Selection
  • Erection
  • Maintenance
  • Modernization
  • Material Selection
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Our Clients

We have executed erection, testing & commissioning, special repairs, modernization and maintenance of lifts for many reputed clients.

Government Department

  • Chief Engineer, Chennai Zone, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Chief Engineer R&D, Secunderabad, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Commander works Engineer(Navy) Chennai, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Commander works Engineer, Chennai, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Commander works Engineer, Ezhimala, Kerala, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Commander works Engineer (Army), Bangalore, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Commander works Engineer (NW) Kochi, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Commander works Engineer (AF) North, Bangalore, MES, Min. of Defence
  • Garrisson Engineer (I) (CG) Chennai, MES, Min. of Defence
  • AGE(I)R&D,Kochi , MES, Min. of Defence
  • AGE(I)R&D,Avadi , MES, Min. of Defence.

Private sector

  • HTC Global Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.,
  • Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
  • Annai Arul Hospitals
  • New Life Hospitals
  • COSH Hospital
  • Bethesda Hospital and Child Care Centre
  • Annai Arul Builders
  • Reliance Projects and Property Management Services Ltd.
  • TVH Lumbini Square Owners Association (TVH LSOA)
  • Sheenlac Paints Ltd
  • TG3 Sheet Metal Technology Pvt Ltd
  • GKS Industries
  • Faurecia India Pvt Ltd
  • Many Builders, Architects and Residential Apartments
200 +

Projects in world wide


  • Registration for Lift manufacturing, erection and maintenance from CEIG, State Govt. of Tamilnadu, License No.:LEM/1028
  • Enlistment with Military Engineer Services (MES), Index No. C-28.
  • Electrical super grade License, License No.: ESB/2043 from Tamilnadu Electrical Licensing Board
  • MSME : Udayam – TN-02-0071650
  • GST Registration, GSTIN : 33AHKPR6731J1Z0

To conclude, ours is one of the pioneers in lift industry in Chennai with a high ambition which is based on opportunity, our technical knowledge & talent and our confidence.

Why Choose Us

What makes us best

& Skills

With nearly two decades of experience in the design and manufacture of lifts and elevators, we at premier Lifts emphasise the comfort, safety and reliability of our products.

Smooth ride
& Safety

We take high caution to ensure the proper working of our products and use only the best materials & motors while building to provide a smooth riding experience for our customers.

Fast delivery & installation

You name the model and the period of work within which you want to commission our products. We provide the fastest service to make sure that your lift is ready for installation when you require it.

Clarity & Transparency

We at Premier Lifts are highly transparent in our services and work with the best clarity so the clients can view and learn about each and every step we take while building the elevator they require.

Customised Products

One of the famed services that many people seek from us is our customised design for the lifts and elevators as per the requirements and needs of the clients and the interior they use it on.

Reliability & Consistency

Apart from building the best creative and stylish elevators, we make sure that they are sturdy, safe and durable under all circumstances, thereby making our lifts and elevators highly reliable.

Quality & Productivity

Before commissioning the final product, we at Premier Lifts conduct stringent testing and quality checks to ensure the safety, comfort and quality of our elevators and lifts.

Energy Conservation

When commissioning a lift or elevator we take into account the energy consumption of the lift mechanics and select the best one that is energy-efficient and reliable.