What We Do!

Services in Premier Lifts are highly commendable

We at Premier Lifts work with a sense of jubilation to provide the best service and customer satisfaction for our clients. Apart from manufacturing the lifts we also provide installation service, periodical maintenance service for our products. We offer you periodical services once a month. Our employees will always maintain their pleasing ethics even if calls come at odd times.

We care for the quality of our work and the safety of our customers and hence conduct rigorous testing of our products and their quality before commissioning them. We provide a warranty of the materials we use to build the elevators and the spares we provide, therefore when required the components of the lifts can also be replaced.

We also keep up-to-date with the latest trends and style quotient by updating our design and elevator features. We provide the best modernization of lift doors, lift car/cabin, lift safety devices are also done by us.

We replace our old and outdated lifts with new and modern lifts with automatic /manual doors, modernised safety devices which include infrared door sensors, automatic rescue devices (ARD), overload warning devices, Overspeed governor (OSG), emergency stop, emergency alarm, etc, modern lift car/ cabin-like SS, MS, GLASS car with a suitable interior by the up-gradation of lift technologies.

A brief outline of our services includes

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Following the standard protocol and guidelines, we at Premier Lifts have highly comfortable and aesthetic elevators that are easy to install.

Testing and commissioning

Before commissioning the final product, we at Premier Lifts conduct stringent testing and quality checks to ensure proper working and safety.

Warranty of material

Whatever spare part you get from Premier Lift no matter its significance, we at Premier Lifts provide a warranty for both the material and our services

Annual maintenance

We don’t stop with just manufacturing and continue our service at all times, especially during breakdowns and compulsorily offer periodic maintenance.


We keep up with the modern trends and replace outdated lifts with new and modern lifts that have automatic /manual doors, modernised safety devices.