Home lifts

At Premier Lifts, not only do we provide commercial lifts for shopping malls, corporates and hotels but we also provide the best utilitarian home lifts. We have an aesthetically designed variety of home lifts that are suitable for all types of modern residential buildings to give a futuristic look. When designing the lifts for your homes we take into consideration the interior design of your home so that the lift adds more value to your décor. The lifts we build are designed with a blend of creativity and style to perfectly suit the aesthetics of your home. Furthermore, the lifts we provide can be customised based on the size, design and finish.

When installing a home lift, one must consider the impact it has on the aesthetics and interior design of its surroundings. Modern lifts can be designed to be extremely stylish and have a boosted aesthetic appeal which are important criteria for many homeowners looking to install a home lift. Apart from the looks and style another vital consideration for home owners is the space available for the home lifts, as many are added to existing homes and residences. This can be challenging as fixing a lift to a pre-existing house structure is tedious however advancement in modern technology has made it possible to easily install elevators with ease.

The existing space available can also have an impact on the way the lift doors function as some elevators opens outwards, requiring extra space while others can have a choice of sliding away that perfectly suits limited space home. Also, it is a must to consider the reason why a lift is needed, some homes may only it for those with mobility issues, others for multiple passengers which is the most common.

Types of Home Lifts

Disabled Access Lifts

Disabled access lifts are that which are designed for people with disability issues to make movement to different floors easier for them. These lifts could be in the form of a platform lift or step lift and can vary in size and style.

Passenger lifts

Passenger lifts can be very useful in a homes and residences with multiple storeys. It can also be used to aid those with mobility issues and elders. Similar to disabled access lifts these lifts are available in wide range of sizes and styles that can be incorporated into any existing buildings.

Why go for home lifts

  • A useful and convenient alternative to stair lift
  • Provides easy access to disabled to different floor levels
  • Eliminates the need for home owners to ascend or descent the floors every time to receive guests
  • Provides a easy way for moving through the home for elderly
  • Increases the value of the property